Our Website Packages
affordable/ powerful/ always evolving

We have multiple packages available to fit your needs and budget, whether you're a law firm, pizza restaurant, real estate agent, or plumber, we have a website for you. All of our package pricing includes your monthly hosting and system maintenance fee, as well as your ongoing support.

 The most important thing is that you're buying a service and we're here to help.

Website Package
Starting at $129

Multiple Designs To Choose From

Fully Responsive Website

Up to 5 Content Pages

1 Web Form

Social Media Tools

Flexible For Customized Features

Monthly Hosting and Support

Website and Service
Starting at $179

Everything from the website package

Up to 10 Content Pages

2 Web Forms

Blogging/News Tool

Up to 60 minutes of monthly content updates

eCommerce Integration

Monthly Google Analytics Report

Deluxe Package
Starting at $329

Everything from our website package

Fully Responsive

Up to 15 Content Pages

4 Web Form

Up to 120 Minutes of Content Update Time

Social Media Post Management

Search Engine Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum term to sign up?
Yes, we ask that our clients sign up for a 12 month term. Once the 12 months is complete, we offer a website and content refresh so your site stays feeling new.

What is the cost of the website and what are the up front costs?
Your website is included in the 12 month term! This gets rid of the big up front cost that normally comes with getting a new website. The only up front cost is the first months payment is due on the day the contract is signed.

How do the themes work?
We have over 100 premium themes licensed that you can choose from. These range from themes for business, restaurants, home renovation and more. For package C, we go outside of our licensed themes and hand pick 5 themes specific to your industry to start.

Are the themes customizable?
We update the content, change the colors to fit your brand, and add in your images. If you’re looking for a more custom design that one of our themes doesn’t match, we can refer you to one of our partners for the design and we can integrate it into our system.

What makes the site mobile optimized?
All of our sites are fully responsive, this means that they adjust based on the viewers screen resolution instead of directing someone to a mobile site. The benefit is you only have 1 site and it looks great on any device, not just a phone.

What makes the site search engine optimized?
We use googles best practices to make sure your site is mobile friendly (important), is secure for your visitors (we include https for our websites) and it fast (we use a content delivery network for your website to increase speed and performance). We also use industry tools to make sure your content is optimized for search engines in the best way it can be.

What is premium hosting?
all of our sites are hosting on private servers, not shared hosting like you tend to get with the entry level hosting plans you see for $10/month. In addition to this, we use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up your site, lock out fake traffic, and make it more secure. We also make sure your website has https://, this makes it more secure for your visitors and is also favored by google.

What is the system maintenance?
Like everything now a days, there are constant updates required to a platform to make sure it’s not only running it’s best, but is also secure. We make sure all the updates are made to your website and that it’s always running on the latest version of the platform.

What are the advanced system features?
We have premium plugins available for our B and C packages. These include things like an event calendar, instagram feed page, social feed page, advanced social sharing features, alert systems for things like snow day closures, newsletter integration and even more. We’re also constantly adding to this and as new tools become available, you get them at no extra cost.

What is the blogging tool?
with our B and C package, you gain access to our blogging tool that allows you to post blog updates and news stories yourself on the website. If you update your Facebook, you’ll be able to update your news and blog page, and we offer support and training for this as well.

What are the 30 and 60 minute content updates?
With package B and C, you will be able to request content updates from us every month. This can be things like updating your hours, adding new products or specials, adding photos, changing content and more.

What type of data do I get from the monthly site traffic reports?
You will receive a PDF every month that includes how many people have visited your website, where they’re coming from, what pages they visited the most and more. If there is additional data you would like to know just let us know and we would be happy to look into it for you.

What are the custom features in package C?
We came up with 2 great packages with A and B that we feel will cover most peoples needs, but you may need something a little more unique for your website. In the past we’ve integrated online reservation tools for restaurants, realtor.ca feeds, social media tools, and we also have a great Ecommerce package as well. with package C, we speak with you about your needs and look to see if we can find a solution that would fit into our system. If we find one that works well, we’ll integrate it in for you.